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Businesses From All Over New Jersey Can Benefit From Cash Discounts

With over 50 years of experience,’s dedication and expertise can help New Jersey business owners integrate a cash discount program into their business operations. Our cash discount NJ program’s capabilities include:

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Maintaining 100% of Your Sales

It’s no secret that as a business owner, you need to pay attention to how much income you constantly have. So, our cash discount program allows you to keep 100 percent of your sales and eliminate your processing fees by the end of each month!
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Receiving All Credit Card Types

Since you no longer have to worry about processing fees, we make it easy to accept any credit card type. Besides, your cash discounts will cover whatever fees you might encounter.
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Reward Customers When They Use Cash

Give your customers VIP treatment when they pay with cash at your store! By using cash for their payment transactions, they’re helping you avoid those pesky payment processing fees. You can reward them by giving them a cash discount, and everyone stays happy!

Businesses From All Over New Jersey Can Benefit From Cash Discounts

From Newark and Jersey City to Trenton and Atlantic City, businesses from all over the New Jersey area can take advantage of a cash discount program. It’s almost impossible to stay viable without using payment technology. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to accept credit cards. However, credit card payment processing fees each month can make a sizable dent in your revenue. can help your business keep more of your money by transferring processing fees to your customers who use their credit cards. In turn, your monthly processing statement virtually disappears, and proceeds stay in your bank account.

Our cash discount NJ program gives you the right equipment and software that’s programmed to calculate the service fee when your customers go to check out. If your customers choose to pay using a credit card, the convenience fee gets totaled with the amount purchased on their receipt. Those who choose to pay with cash have the fee waived and receive the cash discount.

We put innovation and customer service at the core of our business with no hidden fees and the latest payment technology. Our team of experts makes accepting all card-based payments simple, whether at the point of sale in-store, or online.

Cash Discount NJ

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