Zero Fee Credit Card Processing Cash Discount

Eliminate Monthly Merchant Fees with Cash Discount Program Credit Card Processing

Incentivize and Reward Cash Paying Customers and Boost Revenue

On average, businesses lose between 2-4% in credit card processing fees per transaction. Credit card processing fees are determined by card type combined with merchant fees set by processors. Recover virtually all your processing fees with credit card processing cash discounts and allow merchants to keep 100% of their revenue regardless how their customers choose to pay.

How Does It Work?

Merchants recoup processing costs by including the fee amount into the listed price of their goods and services thereby passing the fee to their card-paying customers. Merchants may then offer a cash discount to customers that opt to pay by alternative payment methods including cash, check, and ACH transfer. For example, if an item is listed for $10 that is the regular price and is what card-paying customers pay. If the merchant offers a 3% cash discount to cover the credit card processing fee, a customer paying by cash, check, ACH transfer or alternative method pays $9.70.

Credit Card Processing Cash Discount

When We Say Zero, We Mean Zero—No Hidden Fees

credit cards

Accept All Card Brands

Future-proof your business when you accept all major card brands without paying a service fee or requiring a minimum purchase.

lower bills

Lower Monthly Bills

Customers pay up to a 3.99% service charge applied to their transaction so you can eliminate that monthly bill forever.

cash flow

Increase Cash Flow

Incentivize and reward cash paying customers, customers will appreciate the discount and you’ll put more cash back into your business.

no hidden fees

No Hidden Fees

Never haggle over rates again. We don’t believe in hidden fees, so you’ll pay us one low monthly fee and we will never increase your rate.

easy setup

Easy Setup

We provide you with compliant, compatible software and hardware solutions that take the guesswork out of cash discounting.

cash discount program

Get Paid Faster

Settle batches at no additional charge and receive your funds the next day.

See How Credit Card Processing Cash Discount Programs Can Work for You

Credit Card Processing Cash Discount

Effective, Affordable, Simple Cash Discounting offers an all-in-one approach to credit card processing cash discounts. We make it easy and affordable for your small business to accept credit cards–and increase your profits in the process. Our solution includes everything required to offer a successful, compliant, effective cash discount program.


Cash Discount Signage

To run an effective and legal cash discount program, proper signage notifying customers of the program must be posted at the point of sale and entryways of your business.

Compatible Technology Solutions

We offer compliant equipment and software compatible with POS terminals programmed to accurately calculate and apply the service at time of checkout. Per national guidelines, the service charge and discount will be clearly displayed on the customer receipt.

Customers Shop, You Save

Customers shop and make purchases in-store and online as normal while you save on your monthly merchant processing fees.

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