Accept All Credit Cards with Zero Processing Fees

A Cash Discount Program Proven to Put Cash Back into Your Business

Innovation and No Fee Credit Card Processing is the Core of Our Business

For businesses to remain competitive, accepting credit card transactions is essential. According to, credit and debit cards are the most preferred payment method for consumers and businesses across various sectors. Yet, for some merchants, the processing fees and rates are unmanageable and are cutting away at their monthly profits.

Our cash discount program takes the burden off merchants and eliminates monthly credit card processing fees by passing them onto card-paying customers. With zero fee processing, you can grow your revenue using a secure, compliant, and effective method that puts funds back into your business.

We put innovation and customer service at the core of our business with no hidden fees and the latest payment technology. Our team of experts makes accepting all card-based payments simple, whether at the point of sale in-store, or online.

What We Offer


0% Processing and Transaction Fees


Next Day Funding


One Low Monthly Fee


POS Cash Discount


Online Cash Discount


Disclosure Signage

Who We Are


Our Company

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the payments industry. We understand the growing costs for accepting credit card payments. We have a variety of payment solutions from card present, online, and mobile pay.


Our Mission

To bring to the business community a variety of high-level processing solutions at the best price point to our customers by offering businesses the ability to pass on the costs of processing credit cards. It empowers or merchants to offset the high costs of credit card processing and offers their customers a cash discount by paying by cash.


Our Promise

To offer the best possible payment solutions for your business needs.

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