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Zero Processing Fees with Our Cash Discount Program

no fee credit card processing

Keep 100% of Sales

As a business owner, you need to watch your bottom line at all times. With our Cash Discount Program, you get 100% of the sale and at the end of the month, your processing fees will be exactly zero!

cash discounts

Accept All Credit Cards With Cash Discounts

Now that you don’t have to worry about fees, you can accept any and all credit card types since your Cash Discounts will cover any processing fees you incur.

cash discounts

Reward Cash Paying Customers

Cash is king and customers who pay with cash will be treated as royalty! They’re giving you an easy transaction with no fees, so you have an opportunity to give them a discount. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Cash Discounts Are Possible For All Businesses

You strive to make your business viable by keeping up with payment technology. The best avenue for many business owners to gain track is by accepting credit cards. However, paying card processing fees each month cuts away from those profits you work so hard to achieve.

At, we are here to help your business increase its revenue by passing on these card processing fees to your customers who decide to pay with credit cards. In turn, decreasing your monthly credit card processing statement and putting the proceeds back into your business.

Our cash discount program offers you compliant equipment and software which is already programmed to calculate the service fee at the time of customer’s check out. If your customers choose to pay using a credit card, the convenience fee will be added to the amount purchased on their receipt. Those who pay with cash will see it waived, thus offering them a cash discount.

What We Offer


0% Processing Fees


Next Day Funding


No Transaction Fees


One Low Monthly Fee


Free Disclosure Signage


POS Cash Discount


Online Cash Discount


Available In All 50 States


Month-to-Month Contracts

Is A Cash Discount Program For Any Type of Business?

What type of business do you have? With thousands of merchants already using this product, you can be confident that no fee credit card processing will work for you.

  • Retail Sales
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Micro Brewery
  • Hotels
  • Gas Stations
  • Gyms
  • Technology Services
  • AC & Heating
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Fine Dining
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Contracting/Contractors
  • Equipment Rental
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling
  • Pest Control
  • Outdoor Sporting Retail
  • Landscaping & Lawn Care
  • Child Care
  • Accounting
  • Repair/Maintenance
  • Bakery
  • Grocers
  • Tax Prep
  • Auto Parts/Sales
  • Car Wash
  • Medical & Dental Offices
  • Chiropractic Offices
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Truck Stops

Get Rid of Your Fees
& Keep 100% of Your Revenue

How Do Cash Discounts Work?

A cash discount program is a type of credit card processing that allows a business to offer a deduction of their services or goods to customers by motivating them to pay with cash. If the merchant chooses to pay with credit cards, the business can pass the cost of acceptance to the cardholder thus allowing the business owner to continue to accept all major credit cards but without the loss of discount fees.

Save The Cash

A solution to get faster access to funds by increasing cash on hand during challenging times.

cash discounts

Cash Discount Signage

Correct signage must be posted to inform customers about the fees applied to all items to abide by national regulations.

cash discounts

Lower Your Credit Card Processing Bill

Once the merchant batches, they will receive a deposit for the total cost of goods and services sold to their customers while the cash discount will be forwarded towards your monthly processing fees.

The Process


Step 1:

Customer shops and purchases goods as normal in your store.

Step 2:

The displayed signage at checkout offers the customer the opportunity to save by paying in cash.

Step 3:

Our software automatically calculates the service fee and discount amount.

Step 4:

The fee will be removed if the customer pays with cash.

Step 5:

The collected service fee goes towards your processing fee while your sales go straight to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cash Discounts and more—we answer all your frequently asked questions about cash discounts.

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